Hallowe’en Safety

First of all, I have no idea where this concept of “Happy” Hallowe’en came from– Hallowe’en has its roots in the eve before the western Christian feast of All Hallows, and according to some scholars, All Hallows’ Eve initially incorporated traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead. Some other scholars vehemently disagree. I refer you to your local university for further study. The bottom line is that this was serious preparing for winter/honoring the dead stuff, which has somehow evolved into superman costumes and free candy. So no one is guaranteeing happiness.
Safety, however, is something which Cassandra cares a lot about and I can offer the following pointers:
STAY SAFE ON THE ROAD! During Halloween, more pedestrians in the neighbourhood means that everyone, including drivers, needs to be more aware on the road. Parents should talk to their children about road safety before heading out to trick-or-treat

DO NOT FEED THE CHILDREN! I refer you to the Wild Animals article elsewhere in this newsletter and the informative BC SPCA pamphlet “Don’t feed the animals – Keeping wildlife healthy and wild” in which they have useful Hallowe’en pointers, including:

  •         Do not put out food to attract wildlife to your backyard.
  •         Do not feed wildlife in parks.

When animals come to rely on human food instead of their natural diet, their health suffers. Growth and development can be seriously disrupted if baby animals are fed the wrong foods.
Now that I re-read this, they may be referring to racoons and such, but either way, consider yourself warned.


Please don’t set any of these off in or near the co-op. Seriously. The Vancouver Fire Department reminds us that you need a permit to set of fireworks and that fireworks can ONLY be set off:
1) On October 31

2) By the permit holder

3) On private property, with the property owner’s written permission
Apparently there is another permit for firecrackers but they seem to not want you to find that permit as it is mentioned but doesn’t seem to actually exist on the interwebs.
Well I hope this is helpful, SICH. Whatever you do, please don’t trick-or-treat at my door this October 31st as I have seen enough Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for one lifetime.