Delicious Coffee, Delivered Right to your Door!

Jonny and Tesssa Hughes are serious about coffee. Really, really serious. They have the fancy ceramic burr grinder. They have the pump-driven espresso machine. But what they found was lacking was really, really fresh coffee.

So they decided to start a business, delivering freshly-roasted coffee beans straight to people’s doors.

You see, coffee beans are at their peak of flavour just a couple of days after they’ve been roasted. And many coffee beans end up in warehouses–sitting around waiting to be bagged and shipped to the store, or sitting in the store, waiting to be bought. It could be weeks, or even months before your coffee goes from the roaster to your grinder.

For a while, they roasted their own beans, but they knew that wasn’t going to be a scalable business, so they created a partnership with Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. Coffee Mail has their very own, proprietary roast, and from the time it leaves Timbertrain’s door until the time it ends up at yours (via eco-friendly courier), is usually less than three days.

For those of us that live in the co-op, Jonny will happily deliver it right to your door, and you get at 20% discount because he can perambulate instead of courier.

For more info, including some great tips on how to brew the perfect cup of at-home coffee visit, or email jonny (at)