How to Save Money on Groceries

Let’s face it, our city is beautiful, but it’s also an expensive place to live. While many of our members are here because they live on a fixed income, and that helps with housing charges, what are some ways to save on your grocery bill?


Here are some tips: 

Grow your own food for free! Grow your own salad in one of our rooftop garden boxes, or join a community garden. Check out Gordon Neighbourhood House’s seed bank.

Plan your menu for the week. Make a list. Go to the grocery store. Stick to it.

Need recipe inspiration? Check out these 7 blogs all about eating well on a budget, and download a copy of Good and Cheap, a cookbook that is based on eating for $4/day.

Look for accessible options: Quest gets food that grocery stores have slated to go to the landfill, and sells it at a discount to people in need. God’s Little Acre is a farm in Surrey that grows produce, and, through the help of volunteers, makes it available to people with low incomes.

Eat seasonally: buying fresh produce in season is always the cheapest way to go.

Love your freezer: if you have space, buy in bulk when things go on sale, or are in season, and freeze them.

Eat less meat: vegetarian options like tofu, beans and pulses are much cheaper than meat, and are just as tasty and filling. Another option is to buy a small portion of meat, and stretch it to make an entire meal, like in a soup or a stew.