Organics Ban

Over the next 6 months to a year, the City of Vancouver is placing a ban on all organic material going to the landfill.

This is a really positive step–many people don’t realize that even organic waste takes a long, long time to decompose in the landfill, because it gets buried under garbage, and doesn’t get the required amount of aeration to break down.

Starting in 2015, organic waste is now going to start to be separated from regular garbage in the same way you’d separate your recycling.  You will have a special container in your suite for storing this, until you take it down to the recycling/garbage room, where a special container will be provided. This container will then be picked up.

January to June are what’s referred to as an “Education Period.” The city is not enforcing the ban just yet, which gives us an opportunity to organize how we will manage pickup.

In the mean time, here is some information for you on the topic: Acceptable Organics photos.

Also, visit this website.