Winter Gardening

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you can’t still grow vegetables through the fall and winter.

Because of our temperate climate, you really can grow food year-round. Here is a list of vegetables that are hearty enough to survive the West Coast Winter:

Planting & Harvesting Winter Vegetables in South Coast BC

Winter Vegetables Planting Date Harvest
Broccoli June – July Winter, Spring
Brussels Sprouts May – June Fall, Winter
Carrots July – Aug Fall, Winter
Chard April – June Fall, Winter
Collards July – Aug Fall, Winter, Spring
Kale July – Aug Fall, Winter, Spring
Leeks April – May Fall, Winter
Parsley/Parsley Root April – Sept Fall, Winter, Spring
Parsnips May – July Fall, Winter
Scallions June – Aug Fall, Winter
Turnips Sept Fall, Winter
Winter Salad Greens:
Arugula Aug – Sept Fall, Winter, Spring
Bok Choi Aug – Oct Winter, Spring
Chicory (Endive, Radicchio) June – July Fall, Winter
Lettuce July – Sept Fall, Winter
Mache (Corn Salad) Aug – Oct Fall, Winter
Mustards July – Aug Fall, Winter
Spinach July – Aug Fall, Winter

Chart Courtesy of BC Farms and Food

Here’s a great video explaining how to plant a fall garden: