Christmas Tree Policies

If you have a live Christmas tree this year, please remember to clean up/vacuum any needles that might fall in the hallways or common areas as you are getting your tree in and out of the building.


Also, please remember the co-op has no way of chipping Christmas Trees. To get rid of your tree after the holidays, either:

  • Bring it to one of the places in the city that will allow you to chip your tree, for a donation to charity on January 7 or 8. They are listed here.
  • Bring it for free to the South Vancouver Transfer station any time until January 31.
  • Buy a sticker for $10 from Tami (207A). This just covers the cost of us having to take the trees to the Transfer Station. Please wrap your tree in plastic, or buy a tree bag to put it in. Attach the sticker and leave it in the recycling room.

Please comply with policies around Christmas trees!