H2 Now Open in the Westin Bayshore

One of the great things about living here is that there is no shortage of great places to eat within a short walk. There’s Lift, Carderos, The Tap Shack, and a bit further down, Cactus and Tap & Barrel. And let’s not forget my personal fave, 6 Degrees.

But there’s a new place to eat in the hood, and it’s a good one. Well, it’s kind of old, but not really… let me explain.

The Westin Bayshore has been around a while. They had 2 restaurants, the Seawall Bar and Grill, and then another inside, that was more for hotel guests. The Seawall closed down (it wasn’t amazing), and the Westin is subletting that space out to an architecture firm. Indoors, they’ve done a total makeover on their in-house restaurant, re-branded, and renamed it H2 Rotisserie & Bar.

The space is great, because you can eat both inside and outside, by the pool, which is pretty awesome.

They have a brand-new cocktail menu and lots of local beers on tap.

The food features lots of local ingredients, with a focus on grilled and rotisserie meats. Their rotisserie chicken dinner is already pretty famous, and the desserts…. so good.

Be sure to check them out soon!