Recycling previously non-recyclable materials

There are quite a few items that cannot be recycled in our garbage/recycling area. These include things like plastic bags or polystyrene foam cups and containers often used for takeout. It may also not be appropriate to attempt to recycle things like styrofoam packaging and peanuts, or some hard plastics of the type that are often found inside packages.

However, there are options!

London Drugs now takes all these items!

Here’s a list of all the things accepted at London Drugs:


Don’t forget recycling best practices:

  • Paper and cardboard must be dry and free of food debris.
  • Tissues, paper towels or other paper that has been in contact with food is not acceptable.
  • Make sure food contamination and caps are removed from cans and plastics and all containers are empty.
  • Separate plastic lids from plastic bottles (often made from different materials).
  • Do not place medical waste (needles, catheters or lancets) into the recycling containers.