BC Provincial Election: Oct 24

Perhaps not the greatest timing to call an election during a global pandemic, but an election has been called for October 24.

Here are the options to vote safely:

  1. Do a mail-in ballot. Click here to request your mail-in voters package. Please note that earlier versions of the mail-in ballot will not have candidate’s names on them (nominations don’t close until Oct 2). You have to write in the name of the candidate you are voting for OR the name of the party you’re voting for. Don’t write the name of the leader of the party unless you are in his or her riding (we’re not). Then just put the ballot in the mail, or drop it off to the Elections Canada office on the corner of Alberni and Cardero.
  2. You can vote in an advance poll. October 5-October 21 from 8 am to 8 pm you will be able to do an advance poll. This will likely be less crowded than on actual voting day. Advance polling will take place at 747 Cardero.
  3. October 24 8 am to 8 pm, locations TBA.

If you’re voting in person (advance or on Oct 24) you need to bring:

  • Valid ID that shows your name and home address.
  • Your Where to Vote card. Look for it in the mail from Elections BC before advance voting starts. Bringing it with you to the voting place will make voting faster and easier.
  • Your own pen or pencil to mark your ballot, if you wish.
  • A mask to wear in the voting place, if you wish. We encourage voters to wear a mask when they vote to protect others. You will not be asked to remove your mask to vote. Learn more about voting safely and COVID-19.

Currently the only candidate nominated and running is the incumbent, Spencer Chandra Herbert. Check the Elections Canada website to see updates of nominees. We are in the Vancouver West End riding.

UPDATE: here’s a great article about the 4 candidates in the neighbourhood. Scroll down a bit to the second article.