New Members Welcome
The role of the Maintenance Committee is to assist Miro, our Maintenance Coordinator, to keep on top of any Co-op Maintenance issues.
Current projects include:
  • recycling/garbage room
  • appropriate use of member and visitor parking
  • work parties
  • powerwashing
  • common area cleaning projects


Regular Hours
Maintenance Coordianator
After Hours
Maintenance Committee Volunteers
Ian MacPhail 604-961-9364
Jane Hay-Roe 604- 786-0010
No Answer? Call a BOD member

What is a Maintenance Emergency?

Maintenance emergencies are maintenance problems which pose an immediate and serious hazard to life, safety, health or security, or could cause serious damage if not corrected immediately.

Maintenance emergencies include such things as sewer back-ups, broken windows, entry doors that can’t be secured, no heat in winter, malfunctioning alarms, broken pipes and serious water leaks etc.

If a maintenance emergency occurs during the Maintenance Co-ordinator’s regular hours please contact him at  604-836-7798. If a maintenance emergency occurs out side of his hours, please contact Ian at 604-961-9364 or Jane at 606-786-0010. If neither of these members are available, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

Some issues such as a non-working appliance, plugged toilet or lack of hot water are very inconvenient but are not true maintenance emergencies. Please report non-emergency maintenance problems to the Maintenance Co-ordinator by phone, e-mail ( or by completing and submitting a maintenance work request form.