Halloween Party, Oct 26

The kids/social committee will be hosting their annual Hallowe’en Party on Friday, October 26 from 6-8 pm in the Amenity Room.


Dress up and stop by for spooky games, hot dogs and snacks!

Please bring a snack to share.

Everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you all there!


Legacy Photos Now in the Amenity Room

Thanks to CANA, who sponsored the re-framing of these photos of the Co-op, taken 20 years apart.

Belinda (102A) took the recent photo, and Bobbie was responsible for getting them framed and mounted.

Check them out the next time you’re in the Amenity Room!

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Voter’s Guide

This municipal election is more complicated than many of the Provincial or Federal elections. With those, you often are just voting for one person, but on Oct 20, we need to vote for a grand total of 28 people, and there are more than 100 running to choose from.


Prepare for the election by picking up a Voter’s Guide at any Library, or go online:


October 2018 Events

There’s lots to look forward to this month! Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en… the beautiful fall colours of Stanley Park.

Here’s what’s happening in the city this month:

BC’s Rental Housing Task Force Update

As you know, our housing charges are somewhat dependent upon the current rent increase formula. In the province of BC, this stands currently at 4.5%.

Our MLA, Spencer Chandra Hebert, is working to lower this rate. Here is a recent update from Spencer:

I wanted you to be amongst the first to hear thatĀ British Columbia’s Rental Housing Task Force is recommending the provincial government change the annual allowable rent increase formula to ease pressure on renters.

We listened to the voices of British Columbians concerned about affordability, reviewed how other provinces set rent and have a solution.

Renters were clear that rent increases that far outstripped cost-of-living increases were becoming increasingly unaffordable, and landlords were clear they needed help to maintain their properties.

Our recommendations follow the approach of Ontario and Manitoba and will keep rent more affordable while ensuring rental homes are maintained and improved.

Recommendations to government include:

* changing the maximum rent increase formula, from the current formula of inflation plus 2%, to inflation only (2.5% for 2019), which would remove the automatic 2% yearly increase.

* giving landlords the ability to apply for an additional increase if they can show the formula would not cover maintenance and other costs incurred.

The task force recommends the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing do further work with landlord and tenant groups to determine the criteria for reviewing landlord applications for increases above the inflation rate.

These recommendations follow months of online and in-person consultation in communities throughout British Columbia.

The task force noted that the annual allowable rent increase formula, put in place by the previous government in 2004, was a frequent topic of concern during the public engagement process.

A decision will be made on these early recommendations from the Rental Housing Task Force before Oct. 1, 2018.

2018 Municipal Election, October 20

On October 20, Vancouverites will head to the polls to elect a new city council and a new mayor.


The #1 issue on everyone’s mind with this year’s election? Housing. Obviously, this is an issue that affects us very deeply here at the co-op. Even though we live in “affordable housing,” the definition of “affordable” in this town is very different than from many other cities around the world.

Vancouver is thought to be one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, and the reasons for that are complex.

It’s incredibly important that we all get out and vote and have our say.

Advance voting: October 10 to 17, 2018

Election day: October 20, 2018

Vancouver voters will elect:

Here are some resources to help you make an informed decision.