Summer Social!

We had a really fun party on the evening of August 19, on the roof of the “B” Building.

The social committee decided to do something a little more “adult” than they usually do, and so we hosted a wine-tasting party.

Attendees brought a bottle of wine in a paper bag, and an appetizer to share. We got to try all the different kinds of wine and vote on our favorites!

A fun time was had by all, including the kids who attended (and did not drink wine).

Summer Social August 19

The kids/social committee will be hosting a summer social on the evening of Saturday, August 19.


Photo Credit: dalecruse Flickr via Compfight cc

While members of the social committee often do events for the kids, this one is more for the grown-ups, though kids are not excluded.

Bring a bottle of wine to share and an appetizer, and hang out with your neighbors and enjoy our beautiful rooftop garden.

Wine tasting starts at 6 pm.

Childcare/fun and games for the kids will be provided.